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For Who:

  • Calling all “Failed Bloggers”
  • New online business “Start-ups”
  • Business-Owners that are struggling to “make income Online”
  • Internet “Introverts with no social authority or blogging network”
  • Amateur, beginners and newcomers who haven’t made a dime yet!


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The Problem:

There’s something not right on the internet, have you noticed?

But, that’s “Great” isn’t it, because every business “Solves a problem”. Like pest-control, data-solutions, computer-technicians, web-designing for dummies, etc.

Let’s take businesses that teach you: “How to build a High Earning Website”, as an example.

Here you are all fired-up, following through with their tutorials and lessons. After a month, or two you created a “beautiful looking website”, having “quality affiliate products”, scattered all over it.


The problem’s that you have “no traffic”. Or maybe some traffic, but “No sales”.


You finally, got to the top of the hill, only to discover a Bigger Mountain, ahead-watching you in ambush!

Disheartened, but you’re determined to succeed, so you keep climbing.

The road gets steeper ahead, as your new constraint dawns, to “Please Search Engines”. You resort chaotically to: “Search Engine Optimizing”, “Keywords Density”, “Semantic keywords”, etc.


Most beginners, gives up and their business ultimately fails!

Imagine, you worked for a boss and went into online business as a solution, to your job  and salary dependency.

Here you are shifting your focus to“Search Engines”, while you should’ve “concentrated on improving your online customer experience”.

It isn’t “funny anymore”, how some websites sound like “robots” with their “keywords anxieties”. Instead of being more “human friendly” because they are their core business.

The Solution:

That’s where we come in! I’ve researched the internet with intent for a few years now.

In a nut-shell, you need “Two things to be a Successful Affiliate Website”:
  1. A site with “quality converting content”.
  2. Targeted traffic (getting in front of the right audience, searching with buying intent).

Don’t overthink it and make “Google” your new boss, deciding in which direction you should go.


Create your website in accordance with search engines requirements…


But, don’t overthink it, it removes the pleasure from “online business”, “kills your “passion” and creates a “Barrier” to your true “Earning-potential!”.


(Avoid desperation tactics and resorting to “gaming anxieties” like buying malicious software’s and falling  for ; to “good to be true “promises).


Think about your ideal customer first, design a clean website, don’t stuff content or create a shady looking “store front”.


Here’s a better way, let’s sit at the round-table

 You Give:

Click: Join (my free network, no credit card details needed, only name and email) on this website, (it only applies if you’re registering, for the first time on this website)

I Give You much more value:

(I will tell in a bit what’s the catch and how. Before we get to your “first online sales method, let’s begin right at the start…)

  • Exclusive Tips on: “Brain Storming” a “Profitable Niche” (general topic) that “vibrates: with your passion or skills. Why? Because, you want to love what you are doing, it’s a long-term relationship. Imagine “how awful” it would be to marry someone you don’t love. If you already have a niche. “Great”, let’s fast-forward to the next level.
  • Converting content strategies that resonates with your “Niche”. Valuable “Sales Savvy Article Strategies”.
  • Ideas on “Website Designs” okay this is basic because customers love “Simplicity and Easy to navigate Websites”
Hold on, I’m not done yet?
  • Top quality targeted traffic methods.
  • Which will make you earn “Much Faster”, while waiting for the “Search engines to Index you site.
  • The technique is independent from “Google, Bing or other engines.
  • I’ll give more information, after you registered, here’s “My Profile” (for internal communication)
Who am I?


Yunus Hassim, it’s been a pleasure to meet you too! How’s the family doing?

How have I attained this knowledge?

(I thought you’d never ask, what took you so long?)

Quick history to support the quality of my feedback…

There’s two types of information:

  1. Unorganized (mostly free on the internet and can be overwhelming).
  2. Organized information (The State-Of-The-Art type that businesses and expensive courses are built on)

I  have quite a few “Advanced business courses”, behind me:

“I Will Teach You to Be Rich! by Ramit Setti (New York Best Seller) cost price $970, Wealthy Affiliate Premium yearly cost price: $359 (discount $205. Affilorama online course.

A High quality- Sponsored offline Business Course, etc.

I have up to 15 years of sales, marketing and customer care experience.

Why is this important?

 I discovered a problem. Researched tirelessly -organised and measurable action.Learned from the best in to bring you the “Best solutions”.

I tell you “one thing”, every market has it’s”loopholes” it can never be too saturated!


Problems occurs all the time, that’s life. Things “break” all the time, and “needs to be fixed”.

Every business has it’s problems (just like our house-holds).You can “use that knowledge” to your advantage! Wait I tell you more, inside.

Don’t let “you” become the “setback of your own business”.

Besides, we can benefit from each other.

(let’s answer the catch…)

  1. You are joining free (get more information here), become a part of my network.
  2. I share quality information with you (on private chat) to get you earning as soon as possible, depending on your momentum and availability. We’ll discuss that inside.
  3. You finally see “the light” at the end of the tunnel.
  4. My “Brand Gets” awareness and “Positioned” to be helpful.
  5. Do you remember your first experience “driving a car”, or a “loving relationship” or perhaps a “Job”?


You’ll always remember the “first Experience” of  something that real mattered to you. That makes it well-positioned, in your mind.

(When you think of anyone you know.Perhaps a friend,spouse, relative or colleague’s personality and how they make you feel.That’s how they positioned themselves to you! That’s why  your”first impressions are immortal”).

  • Success can never be attained, unless all parties involved, benefits from it.
  • We can always help each other going forward “by venture marketing”.
  • Besides, business is a journey not a destination!


This website is quite new and I’m reconstructing the content, shoo…challenging work. I’ve been mostly learning and refining my content strategy to get my message across.

This isn’t my first website, I made a few mistakes before finding “my feet”.Most businesses won’t mention mistakes they made on there way to “Success”.I beg to differ mistakes are powerful messages to new startups. It educates you”what not to do” or ‘pitfalls to Avoid”.

In fact we gain “experience” through our past mistakes, as oppose to “Success”  that only gives us ” beautiful memories”…

Anyways,there’s another “life” beyond business, like “wife” and “kids”. Which also affects our momentum, we learn to ; “juggle our balls”, (I hope it sounds right) .It’s called “realistic planning”…


Here’s my final question to you:

How motivated would you really be, if you were in the process of creating a website.While knowing that you have ready-to-buy customers in your pipeline?

Without depending on “Search Engines”, paid advertising or “chasing your tail?”

  • As appose to “building blindly with trial and error” approach.
  • The sense of knowing you’re “creating a professional website” as a platform to close the “deals you already have”, makes a significant difference, emotionally.
  • Saves you from beating yourself-down, anxiety-attacks, doubts and a whole lot of “What ifs…” (internal conflict and sleepless nights).

Convenience, conviction and realistic measurement strategy (read detailed description here, join us Now!).

Let’s work together on our goals on platform with all the online tools to fuel our success!

Thank you for stopping by…see you inside!