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Are You An Introvert ? Finding It Difficult To Express Yourself ?

⦁ Powerful Desire For A Business Opportunity For Extra Money
⦁ Idea But Isn’t Sure That It’s Profitable
⦁ No Strong Social Presence Or Business Network

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⦁ Looking For A Guarantee That Your Time,Energy and Efforts Will Payoff

What’s Your Idea Of An Opportunity For Extra Income

⦁ An Unique Idea that Suddenly Takes Off ?
⦁ A Promise To Build wealth as soon as You get started ?

We’re grew so Accustomed To Lies…so much so..
That we fail to see the “Brutal Truth”.
Ever heard when celebrities are interviewed? and they’re asked:”What advice can you give to the public?”
They all seem to say the same old thing :”Find you passion than the rest will unfold”.Sounds like a Fairy Tale,how sweet of you…
Ugh…My Advice to you is go research the truth.Once upon a time I had to research different professions (part of a school assignment).This was a Great Experience ! Because otherwise than this I wouldn’t have done it on my own.The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Careers Paths To Support My Decision.
It was worth it.

I still benefit from the insight till this day.The realities of most jobs is stressful.Packed with long projects,stressful meeting (where you end up,on the hot chair) answering to Share Holders,penalties,deadlines,etc.

Here’s the thing.We tend to admire what  people does because we see their lives in general.They hate what they do because they live it in detail.Thus see the realities hidden behind the glamour.

Most Celebrities Are Under pressure because gaining a little bit of weight could mean goodbye to their careers.


⦁ What am I trying To Achieve With This Post ?
⦁ Why Are We Even talking About Celeb’s?
I’m simply using this scenario’s to stress the importance of being realistic when setting goals.Their lives seems all beds and roses.The truth about there success are often covered: Hard work, commitment, sacrificing their personal and family time for theses achievements.
Them telling us what they think we want to hear.
Knowing people don’t liked the idea.Of being told about long-hours of extra work they had to put in.Which really shaped their successful careers.The sleepless nights and hardships they’re still enduring to stay on top.
This Is Why We Prefer Lies? Because they Entertain Us.We Would also like Thinking Of Their jobs ( They Maybe Hate) as Entertaining To Them.
Similar like your kids, might be thinking:”Wow! Your Job is fun,they gave you a brand new laptop.”

On the other hand you don’t even want to look at that laptop on your off days.

It only reminds you of your deadlines,your queries,answering to your boss,ugh….

Starting A home based Online Business requires You To Be Realistic.

⦁ You Need To Plan Your Business
⦁ Plan Your Daily tasks
⦁ You Need To report back To Your Check Sheet
⦁ You Need To Be Self Discipline
⦁ You Are Solely Responsible For Operations And Success


I’ll Tell You Why ? By Discussing Each Step In Detail.There’s So Much More.I’m Intending To Give You A General Idea On The Real Challenges And Benefits.

I’ve learnt to be grounded to avoid mistakes.And this required a real actionable plan,to replace my income.

  •  Firstly and most importantly I wanted to test my idea.I needed proof that the idea is profitable.(A feasible business Idea and strategy that works).
  • I needed Help From Experts.Definite Decision will be more motivating than trail and error.(Someone to teach me His Blue Print Strategy)
  • I needed To Up-skill Myself. Didn’t Want It To cost a Arm and a leg.That Is Why I Chose The Internet (brick and mortar business is so much more expensive).
  • I want to know what I’m doing,guess work won’t cut the cake.

Plan Your Daily tasks
It’s quite revealing to find that productivity requires you to plan your daily tasks.You are your own boss,becoming too relaxed can be costly.You determine your own paycheck.And focus is important as if your life depends on it (In a way it does).
Planning your tasks helps.It breaks your projects in measurable chunks.
You Need To Report Back To Your Check Sheet
Check all your tasks and projects as you complete them.Know the difference between a projects and a goals.
Anyways it helps managing your daily projects and operations.
You Need To Be Self Disciplined
Being in charge of your financial destiny doesn’t mean becoming irresponsible.You have freedom to choose which times to work,which is Great! But You really have to work.You set the parameters unlike at your other job:Where strict policies guided your movements.Working from a home based business makes you understand,why rules to govern productivity is necessary .It sets the standards to take yourself seriously, in order for others to do the same.
You Are Solely Responsible For Operations And Success
This  Is One Of My Functions:Providing Value And Always Learning How To Improve My Services.
This is Prime Reason I decided to get Help On Learning How To Get A profitable Idea,marketing strategies and getting customers:
⦁ Guidance And Help From Professionals That actually Own Successful Businesses.
⦁ A community That Will Help To Extend My Network.(Because I am An Introvert with no Business Network)
⦁ I noticed The best business online are those that have good relationships.
⦁ I needed Systems and tools to perform my business tasks.(lets face it every job have systems and tools that you can’t do without)
⦁ Support which will be an advantage when I get stuck on a project or have technical issues.
⦁ A Team To Help and Support me.

Realistically I Knew What I don’t Know But Had To Learn If I am Serious In Starting My Own Business.No man is Great On His Own,We Need Help In some areas of Our Lives.Invest in Yourself Before You Expect Others to Do So.

Some evenings I find myself busy with a project and at times it feels weird.Everybody else is sleeping and here I am working like a weirdo.

This is the best times for me to work because I have three small kids and during the day is busy.I have to help the wife here and there.
Anyways this is why I chose the night time when everyone sleeps.
I see online communication coming from other online entrepreneurs globally (On Wealthy Affiliate Platform) and it removes that weirdo feeling.
It makes me realize that we’re all working towards a common goal from different parts of the world.

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If I were to run my business without being registered to an active legit business training. I would have given up at some point.

What is Even More Exciting When People Announce Their First Sales To the Community.You can see for Yourself after registering,there is an options to search-type First Sales.The Program will give your options to select multiple past communications on First Sales.Some people after two weeks,three weeks and son on. They teach you how to sell anything you wish online in simplified tutorials and video’s.Which help you to avoid mistakes.
We all need motivation and assistance to reach our goals at some point.Top Celebrities,CEO’s,Popular Athletes mostly make it because they new the value of taking a coach or mentor.
What Is Wealthy Affiliate,What will you learn,what is the advantages and benefits find out Here!?

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