The Process Of Making Your First $1 Online- For Beginners

Want To Know The: “Truth About Making Money Online”….

Before we delve into…“What Is The Process Of Making Money Online for beginners.”

Let me give you a bit of my personal history…

(Click (“I want “Real Experts” to help me,make my first few online sales“)

I’m trying to think back in the day (to that specific moments which amounted in years).When I searched the internet with the same keywords:“What is the process of earning extra income online”.I’m hoping to get that same frustrating feeling- in order to write this post in a more relevant way.

But I’m failing… with what they call: “The Curse Of Knowledge.”

What Does That Mean ?

Thank you for asking…

A brief description would be: When you think the your past-You think in a general sense but when you lived it.You experienced it in detail.

Example:Think about last week Friday (don’t cheat close your eyes).

Test 1) Ready….What did you eat for supper ? How did you feel ? What thought went through your mind?

Test 2) Think about today ? How do you feel ? What Is running Through Your Mind?What is your situation?What did you eat ?

Outcome : Test 1 – It is difficult to remember details of your past-unless you had some weird experience – that made the day unusual-a strange event-or what is themed :”Out of this world experience”.But if it was an ordinary day.We’ll remember general experiences.

Outcome :Test 2- Today is in the now,thus we still experiencing the details of our thoughts emotions,situation and circumstances.Thus we can be more relevant and detailed when expressing ourselves.

We live our lives in a detailed sense,but think of it in a general sense.

It’s difficult to put yourself back in the exact moment of ignorance of a certain subject,now that you know more.You will be able to give general information ( but it’s always better  to be detailed).

Anyways back to the subject…

What is the process,secret,key or truth about making money online ?….

What I discovered ( after time consuming,headache,trail and error).Surprised me,after I found the answer…

I went through all of this just to find the following results:

  • Providing a service (web designing,copy writing,marketing,video editing etc)
  • Advertising ( google ad-sense,selling advertising space on your website)
  • Selling some else’s product. (affiliate marketing)
  • Selling your own products.(custom made websites,applications,physical products,etc).

Now…Why Do I Write Everything Above In Such A General Sense ?

Because,it tells you what you already know ?…You might have been browsing for years the same keywords- like I did.

Here’s the thing…

You Can Make Money Online Immediately.I’ll prove it!

  • People pay for convenience.
  • You Don’t Need A Web traffic
  • You Only Have To Decide And Act


  • People Pay For Convenience :

You’re a living proof of the above.I challenge you to answer yourself on the following question:( I’m hoping to state a point)

What services have you bought today or most recently ( off-line or online).Lets discuss the items we buy daily…did you know you can grow your own vegetables ? Or mow your lawn ? Clean your house ? make your jam,butter and peanut butter ?

But You Choose to buy it “WHY”…

Convenience…but if you were  interested in learning to make the above you can do it (If it is your passion).Buying them saves you time and effort. These companies that sells this products. Put much thought into saving people time and stress.Their business is making an effort of packaging a product that you need.You pay them and they deliver..And we all live happily ever after…

  • You Don’t Need A Website Traffic

If you’re like me,I suppose you wondering ( Silently in your head).How long do I have to wait to start earning money online?

Most Bloggers preach about website traffic and social networking,etc,etc.I beg to differ.I had to learn the hard way…

I won’t do what they doing by pushing a product.This is the best time to doll-out my disclaimer:” Yes I’m a Premium Member of The Wealthy Affiliate Community.Yes I get A Commission when you buy from this website”.

There is a reason why I joined a legit online community,but I’ll leave the details for later in the post.

Now,where were we?…

  • Would You have website, traffic and a big social presence but struggle to pay your rent ?
  • Would you have a large audience ( over 10 000) but they’re not targeted ?
  • Or would you have a small but targeted business model ?

I promised to prove that you can make money without traffic…here’s what I did…

  • Prepared a small survey off-line 
  • Decided To Target Estate agents
  • I Had a Profitable Business Idea On My Hands.

What does this mean???

Thank You For asking…I’ll explain…

  • Prepared a small survey off-line 

Took a pen and paper.Wrote 4 questions which goes like:

  1. What is most crucial to your daily operations ?
  2. What is a core project of your daily operation ?
  3. What type of problems keep you awake at night in your industry?
  4. What would be a irresistible solution I can offer you know that you wouldn’t hesitate to buy?
  • Decided To Target Estate agents

I chose to target them randomly but it was also based on a few principles.They always need new leads to fuel their business.But on a side note: Every business have certain tools,systems,products and services that they can’t do without.They need it in their daily operations.

Anyways,I prepared 4 important questions.Considering estate agents are busy and I didn’t want t take-up too much of their time.Got the contact details of 20 Estate agents online.

  • I Had a Profitable Business Idea On My Hands.

I Chose the most experienced Estate Agents .I used my cell phone and contacted them.Spoke very politely,complimented them on their achievements and got to the point:

” I’m starting this new business and are intending to service the Estate Industry.I don’t want to take up much of your valuable time.May I please ask you 4 short questions to help me in my new business venture ?”

Anyways,this is where I discovered the profitable idea.My thought was that they would need more leads on people that is interested in buying houses-Right ? Wrong…

They had people willing to buy lined up….They were struggling with leads of people hoping to sell…

So much so…that they were willing to pay good money…

Every Business exists because it solves a problem,period.

I wasn’t done yet,I had a problem.”I had to find a solution “.This part was easy…But please note when I say easy it doesn’t apply to not doing any work.

I simply mean finding the solution was a no brainer but earning money requires  effort to make it work…

Solution: I was gonna use one targeted marketing strategy.But I didn’t execute this plan as it was only meant to be- A Test For A Profitable business Idea.

Lets assume it was my passion:How would I have solved it ?

  • Now that I Knew I have Customers who is dying to buy leads on people that is selling.
  • Half my business efforts is already solved because my work won’t be in vain.
  • I already have customers that I already sold to : “Buy Asking” trough my survey.

Next Plan was to get the details of divorce lawyers and strike a deal.I obviously had to be honest about my business plan.This would be an good execution, as divorce lawyers have hot leads,they deal with people that are forced to sell based on divorce,etc.

You have to make an offer to them and make the deal sweet.Than afterwards price your product and offer it to your buyers.This is one of many ideas…

Do You get the picture…I could have charged Premium Prices and start with Three Clients and upgrade as my resources grew.

Back to….

Why I joined wealthy affiliate :

  • Like mentioned earlier- that every business have its tools,systems,services,processes,procedures and so on…

The Same rule applies online: You need a keyword tool,website,template,hosting,insight,guidance from experts.

  • Once you a Premium Member On Wealthy Affiliate,you get access to all the above with no additional cost.Like some other Programs An Example is Affilorama.


  • The only extra  money you pay  is for registering your web domain but it’s also cheaper than other services.And they don’t up sell on security,hosting,etc.


  • It’s straight Forward and much cheaper than if you subscribe to all the tools and products with different Service Providers.

Plus : They teach you on:Different methods of making money online.Meaning if your a Premium Member Your Investment will pay for your monthly or yearly subscription.

There’s also options to test it free. But you are limited to some quality online information.Regardless,you get to learn a thing or two.I was a free member for a few months before I decided to go Premium.I was still in the process of exploring other options but to my disappointment I trusted them better.

I found them to be a best solution.And I learnt how to start a business out of nothing.Like demonstrated above.Detecting Profitable strategies for products or services.

The Advantage I have Is far greater than when I was not a Premium Member,I don’t regret my decision.It might be for you or maybe not…you the judge.

The internet is overwhelmed with mix information.I needed a legit training program,where I could earn while learning.

  • I needed Organised Information Platform:” That Shows How Everything Fits Together”.

The Wealthy Affiliate is a Good Supporting Community relevant for newbies and Professionals.

They have of the Best Online Marketers,very helpful.Even the CEO  very active within the community.Which is very rare everywhere else.

(My Wealthy Affiliate is: here is my personal profile)

PS:Anyways that is my reasons,what is you excuse for not starting. Remember Winners look for reasons to succeed.Losers looks for excuses to fail.Please feel free to comment or ask questions.



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