The Writing Job Review

Product: The Writing Job

Overall Ranking: 85% – 100%

Price: $ 1 (7-day trail) the Premium of $ 27 monthly

Owners: ClickBank


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writing job review

The Writing Job is legit opportunity for people interested in writing.

Your passion to write is enough to fuel your success and no degrees or copy writing qualifications is required.

But having the relevant qualifications will not hurt as it will only contribute positively to your output.

Once you become a member of the Writing Job

They have the clients, send you work anytime of the day. Complete it within the agreed deadline and you get paid.

And everyone else lives happily ever after.

Like everything else in this world isn’t perfect.

Let’s measure positives and negatives.

The Good:

  • High Earnings from $30 to $120 dollars per hour
  • They pay you by Wire Transfer, PayPal, Check, or through your ATM card.
  • They don’t cut you pay to take a share or percentage.
  • Love to write than you will enjoy your job because it’s your passion
  • Working in the comfort of your home
  • You work anytime in the day
  • Working online and you can work from anywhere worldwide.
  • Support material that help you with research references,software and tools
  • Free training to improve your skills
  • It’s safer from external threats like crimes, traffic, accidents, strikes.
  • No transport issues or travelling expenses.
  • You don’t have to market yourself to get customers as they are already available to you.


The Bad

  • There’s a fee to join because they don’t take any percentage or cut of your income like other freelances
  • If you not productive or meet deadlines this will not be the right job for you.
  • Like any other job, we all know the customer always have the last say. If you’re not really a good writer or put effort in your work, you will produce many unhappy customers.


Solution: As professional writer always focus on improving your writing and time management skills.

Treat the job like your very own business and always focus on becoming better at what you do.

Use the support and tools to your advantage than most certainly you will thrive.



Anyone with a passion for writing as there is no qualifications needed.




Yes, there is support material to help you. The job is for anyone with a passion for writing looking for a legit online work opportunity.

What type of writing jobs?

Writing content for blog site, eBooks, books, websites, magazines and other types of media.


Price:$ 1 (7-day trail) the Premium of $ 27 monthly



FINAL OPINION/VERDICT: I highly recommend this job to writers that want to earn a stable income. Considering the daily stress that freelances experience of getting paid close to nothing for appropriate content.

The anxiety of dealing with more work for less pay or even running after customers to pay them.

This is a solution and the fee for subscription is better than a percentage of your hard-earned money getting deducted time after time.

Now you can rest assured and get paid worth your efforts.

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An Alternative: Fiverr Gigs- Where everything cost anything from $ 5 dollars and up. Ideal for new writers wanting to gain experience.

Fiverr review

You market yourself on their authority platform where customers frequently visit to get a good writer for $5 dollars or more.

Note: It’s wise to start at $5 if you’re a new writer. Get a few good customer reviews. And after proving your skills (with your customer feedback results to show).

Scale your prices up. Join Here


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