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Product-Jaaxy Keyword Tool -Review
Overall Ranking: 93% / 100%
Price:   (Pro)$ 19 /m- (Enterprise) $49 /m
Owners: Kyle & Carson

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I enjoy writing a Jaaxy keywords Tool Review because it makes my online work so much easier. And it offers 30 free search trails (no credit card) for new users!

the jaaxy review

What’s so great about it, is allowing the customer to experience it and leaving it up to the tool to sell itself!


I stumbled upon Jaaxy, long before I became a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member, can’t really remember where I spotted it.


I guess it’s because most experts seem to promote “Long Tail Pro keywords tool” and this tool is rarely mentioned.

Broken Glasses are spotted lying around in the streets, but diamonds are rare!

I was a total dummy at the time, and got exposed to Jaaxy. What got me hooked, was the fact that it does advance keyword research in one of the most simplified ways.


I was inspired so much that I started a free blogger website and tried to use my 30-free search trail wisely. Another thing with “Long tail Pro” was that it requires $1 first month, which isn’t much but I guess it the principal that turned me off.


If it’s free don’t try to retain my credit card details!

I guess, I consider it a forced sale strategy, besides what do you have to hide or fear if the tool is worth it. It’s a way to make the least from me to make your business efforts worthwhile.


Who will ask for a $1 refund, but if 1ooo’s try it even if they don’t continue, you made thousands of dollars!

Why do I prefer Jaaxy above the others?

Newcomers loves user friendly and easy to use tools, it takes the difficulty out of their learning process. Keyword research is a complicated subject, but don’t add any more difficulty by creating more complications.


Jaaxy keywords-tool is the primary reason I joined Wealthy Affiliate?

I might as well come out of the closet. The Premium members of Wealthy Affiliate gets to use this “baby” free.


I calculated this way, if Jaaxy cost price is $21 and Wealthy affiliate (first month $19) $47 following months.

I might as well become a Premium member and get everything in one spot, as appose to subscribing to several services through different companies.


Again, if I went yearly membership I save $205 as it is discounted to only $359 instead.


Chances are that you would’ve done the same if you were me, let’s give a quick overview of the features and benefits.


I already mentioned that, it’s beginner’s friendly. And it shows complicated information in a basic and easy way.


Jaaxy displays:


  • Monthly Searches for keywords
  • Expected traffic results
  • QSR -Quoted Search Results- (Accurate Competition)
  • KQI- keyword Quality Index- (overall keyword quality)
  • SEO Power – Built on Traffic, Quoted Search Results, and Competition of the keyword
  • Domain availability for the keywords

Jaaxy Screenshot


Review overview below, explaining the usefulness.


What makes Jaaxy outstanding against its rivals:


  • QSR is a unique feature that is non-existent in any other tool. It represents the number of websites that uses the term and it is your real competition. Keywords determines the success or failure of any website, that is why this information help you to plan accordingly.


(Google estimations is limited to its own company, instead of other engines).

While Jaaxy is closer to the true amount as it’s independent from Google, and gives you information on all the search engines, including Yahoo and Bing.

  • Experienced affiliate marketers know that there’s a lot of work that goes into researching keywords. You must measure competition, back-links. And you use multiple systems to do this.
  • Jaaxy makes your research less daunting as it gives you everything in “One spot”.
  • Jaaxy isn’t a soft-ware like “Long tail Pro” you don’t download it. It’s a live-system which gives real-time information.

To support the above argument, look at it this way:

Take your wireless data mobile-modem (the “plug and play”) usb look alike.

When I was employed in a Cell-phone network, I dealt with data disputes where customer queried their data consumption.

The clients use to use to measure their usage, by the software that was downloaded with the mobile-modem, which happen the be inaccurate, based on the following reasons:

  • It’s a software that gives estimation of general data, that comes through on the P.C. only, and if the computer freeze’s this data-meter also stops.
  • If customer connects, tomorrow it carries-on where it left off (not considering his new data-bundle), even if he used the same data-card on another device. It doesn’t update to real-time and prioritized network data-usage only.

The solution was that we referred them to login to the website linked to the network. To get more accurate information, instead of relying on the software, which is inaccurate.

Ever since I started doubting downloaded software information, even computer operating systems like Microsoft live these days.

  • Jaaxy have a very simple interface and it’s easy to find sub-niche keywords, specific searched terms and it even shows when a search redirects.
  • It over delivers for the cost price a yet it’s still cheaper than Long Tail Pro.
  • You can store your keywords on Jaaxy’s interface and create lists of several keywords for multiple websites.



  • The power of this tool went to my head and I created lists of keywords which became overwhelming and forgot about following through with the articles.
  • I was so excited about the simplicity that I am procrastinating by playing with the tool instead of continuing with my other projects.
  • I was very disappointed when I used up my 30 free search trails.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate which solved the problem, as I have unlimited access to the Tool and I was also steered in the right direction, by affiliate marketing experts.

Who is it for?

Anyone looking to improve his/her search engine traffic with less effort and time, compared to the traditional slow methods


There is training on how to use the tool and get “low-hanging fruit” key phrases especially in competitive markets.



Yes there’s 24/7 support, but the system is well-maintained and works like a well-oiled machine.


I recommend you try it, it’s free and no credit-card is required. If you find it useful like I did than go for it, I can confidently say that you will enjoy it. You have nothing to lose but to confirm if my recommendation was useful or fluff!


Here’s my personal profile, feel free to shoot any question, I will be glad to help, alternatively leave a comment below!


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