Is There Something Like The Best Affiliate Home Business for beginners? ( Growth Potential of $50000)

 Creating an online home based business? That actually delivers results.Providing value in return for  Extra Income start with a profitable idea…so

Is There Something Like The Best Affiliate Home Business for beginners? (Growth Potential of $50000)

Start a free and professional online business NOW! Business Expert advice , tools and coaching.


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  • Are You Wondering How Some Home Businesses Succeed And Others Don’t ?
  • Does any of these Programs Offer Real Value ?
  • How can I Test The Programs Before Paying ?
  • Are These People Selling Online Products Really Make Money Or Is It another marketing Technique ?
  • If I can Just get a legit Opportunity To Make Money And Generate my Own Income.

The Following Post Will Answer The Above questions….

“Charity Begins at Home.”

I didn’t know this applies to online Home Based Businesses as well ?

Yes it does. It applies to everything. In fact everything is an inside job.

Anyways,the “Why”we starting is very important: Don’t get  hung-up

on “What” type of business you starting...

I worked for data Support Companies for the past 15 years.I dreaded going to work everyday.I complained and felt sorry for myself.Had mood swings,worked tiring 12 hour shifts.I job hopped from company to company.

Ironically…I was one of the top consultants in all these companies.I loved technology but hated the fact that someone else is controlling my life.I was “Wholesaling”my time for money.

I’d like to take something positive out of this experience. I was always punctual and product.What motivated me?..

Good question.Thank you. You Welcome! 🙂

  • I was The Bread Winner.
  • I had bills to pay
  • Getting paid is much better than not getting paid

make extra income

“Why” = My Fear of being broke and down and out, kept me motivated.

The same fear that motivated me to start a home based online business.

  • What if I get retrenched ?
  • What if I got fired ?
  • I don’t like the idea of being too dependent on One Source Of Income !
  • I would like to start planning a business on the side ( make extra money) and slowly grow till my salary is replaced ?
  • One Day I will be much older and regret that I didn’t start sooner

Now that I came out of the closet with the “Why” .Lets’s explore the reality understanding WHY:

  • It enforces a definite decision
  • It makes helps me to plan realistically (because now I am conscious of Where I’m at)
  • It helps me to choose to “Succeed” and set a focused intention

Ever encountered a friend or partner who is uncertain on “What they Want In Life”.

Your dialogue goes something like :”Should we go this way or that one ?” Friend’s answer: “Anyone you like”. You:”Should we choose the platter of separate meals”.

You friend:”Whatever you decide”.Ugh…bump your head against a wall…

Start with strong decisions.A bad start can never have a good end.You need to know why you doing what you doing.

That is “Why”we have an About and Home Page on Our websites.It teachers people why we built this online business and what they will benefit from us.

I Will Answer Why On the Questions Below:

Make Money On The Internet

It’s  much cheaper than traditional business models.You don’t have to own a product to sell one (Affiliate products,learn more Click here).The internet is still in it’s infancy and already we are so dependent on it.You can reach customers globally without standing up from your desk.You can make millions of dollars regardless that it is cheaper.Traditional business are forced to go online as their customers changed and they have to keep up,etc.

Why is  the Internet home businesses model the most feasible?

Yes,you don’t have to travel ,everything you do is online.Cut down on office rent by working from home.In most cases you don’t meet face to face with customers,depending on your business model.Your business schedule fits into you life and you can be flexible with your shifts.

Working From Home Profitable Business Ideas

There are different types:Selling Affiliate Products,Web Designing Business,Online Advertising,Ebook or Website Editing,Copy Writing,Ecommerce,Selling Products on Ebay,etc.There are so many models and marketing strategies that actual works.I would like to go into detail with these on another post :Providing you with  information on Sales strategies (newby friendly). It’s proven that you can get you first three customers within the first month,enough to fuel you venture and confidence.
Best home business is the models that fits your skills.I understand why some “Onliners Preach’s” that it has to be a passion.The idea is that they hoping to help you to enjoy what you doing as well.I tell you what:  Making your first Sale is an “Awesome”feeling.

Maybe because, it proves possibility after having doubted yourself.  The Strong Sense Of Knowing -That you can rinse and repeat the same  process and earn much money.
Some Old School Online Marketers gave the industry such a bad name-back in the day.I was tricked once or twice but they lost ultimately (in the long run).Building your business on flimsy grounds isn’t feasible.

Do You Think You have No Skills Great ! I use to share this feeling with you.Firstly I was realistic (when I finally made up my mind,after searching review after review on Wealthy Affiliate and other programs).I learnt by experience: That it feels much better when you know What you’re doing and Why you’re doing it.Organised thinking and well calculated actions.

The Internet gives free information different subjects.But,here’s the problem:

  • The information is scattered and overwhelming online
  • Having to many options makes one anxious and can result in no action at all
  • Unorganized information and sometimes I got the feeling that they hiding the strategies that works
  • Some promises Are fake and Some Business Are legit.

Paying for training would encourage me to learn because not doing so will cost me.

  • Compare the free school educating system to the Private Education.My problem is this that if something is free regardless of it’s value we don’t take it seriously.But if A Company Like Wealthy Affiliate sells a training model and I  am dissatisfied,I can always ask for a refund.
  • There Online Business Training is organised,updated with Googles Policies (That keeps changing)
  • I am learning while I am earning which is Great.
  • A Bonus I am always signed in and receive new information every time.I like the convenience of having everything at my finger tips.

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Think Of It This Way

Being trained on how to:

  • Select An Industry (That You Interested In)
  • Research The Target Market
  • Identify Problems (Burning Desires)
  • How to Reach Out To Them
  • Present The Solutions (Which They accept because they need it)
  • Having all the Tools And Knowledge to Service Them

And many more.Lets Face it.In most jobs we need certain tools and service that our business can’t do without.Picture you are able to know which tools or services to sell to which customers ready to buy.But imagine the burning desire,we don’t have a choice but to buy because we need it.We learn new skills all the time,I can decide to sell websites and always learn the skill on how to do it.Now imagine I already have a market before learning the skill.

This is a solution.I always use to select wrong industry to market or products that is not in demand.

Instead of  Being Seen as a Seller,you are seen as The Help or Support.It also gives value to your Business Model

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