3 Tips on: How to write effective articles quickly

“How to Write Compelling Affiliate Marketing Content”

So, you have this powerful Clickbank product and researched all the useful information by following all the important steps. You want to announce the great-news to your audience, on how they can benefit from it. The following stage is to write “convincing affiliate marketing content” to help them make a buying decision.


  • 1st Step

Brainstorm your “product benefits” by listing all the “relevant points” on a note-pad. Don’t stress about putting everything in order just yet, we’ll get to that later, then you’ll see how everything fits together.


The Pro’s

It’s helpful to keep track of all the “vital parts” of your article. Preventing “chaos” by forgetting to add product-advantages, which can be very-supportive, in the buying decision of your “online customers”.

The Cons

This part is mostly overlooked by “newcomer affiliate marketers”, considering that they don’t have experience or “professional guidance”, on the important attributes of “creating sticky content”. Which amounts in them, not making any money online, and eventually give-up.


  • 2nd Step

Make sure you understand the features, advantages, and benefits. Every feature has an advantage, and it benefits your customer in one way or another.


The Pros

If you’ve learned the skills to merge your product’s quality’s, into rewards, then finally into profits. It would attract the “target audience”, which goes together with your sales and generic traffic, as they search for these “keyword phrases”.

The Cons

Rookie Clickbank affiliate marketers don’t know how to master this process. In most cases they have used an affiliate product or service, but still find it “very difficult” to write the “characteristic in forceful way”. That’s a problem because it has negative impact, and their “affiliate websites fail”.

  • 3rd Step

Planning your articles is very important. It gives structure and direction to your “writing strategy”. Prevents you from losing track or diverging from the point or your goal. Every post “targets a specific-keyword or phrase” and have a unique point you want to bring across.

The Pros

Every online marketer wants his/her content to appeal in the most attractive manner to his/her audience. The planning process helps to achieve that outcome and more.

It organizes the information in a digestible manner to your readers. Makes it easier for you to improve your message as “nothing is written in stone”, and helps you to break the “most complicated ideas” into small “newbie-friendly chunks”.

You’ll also experience more ideas streaming in, as you follow this process. It speeds-up the writing process and gives you a “birds eye view” on what you’re hoping to achieve.


The Cons

The hasty mindset of “inexperienced bloggers” leads rushing through with articles. With the delusional “outlook” that the more post will results in faster earnings and traffic. If a visitor stumble’s-upon the article, they find it very shallow, “hit the back button “and they gone.


The “new marketer “notice that his/her content is not being read. If he/she are passionate about “making income online” he/she seeks “professional advice” (considering you don’t want to just give-up and fail) and discovers that he must go back and fix his content.

The tasks are overwhelming, but at least you identified the problem, and can now focus on solving it. They eventually learn that “Quality content “is very important and finally see: “Why each step is vital” and how it really saves you time and money by practicing it. Do it “the first time right” to avoid future disorder.

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