How to work from home Step-by-Step Guide-Easily Make $10000

How to work from home Step-by-Step Guide


How to work from home Step-by-Step Guide

(By the end of this post, you will discover how to work from home immediately).


  • Mindset/Decision
  • Your Situation
  • Circumstances
  • Motive/Drivers
  • The Benefits
  • Measure time and money
  • Plan
  • Action

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1.Adapt a realistic Mindset

Life in general have ups and downs. Some days you happy and sometimes sad. Even if everything goes our way.

  • Romance, health, money

Or anything else aren’t consistent. It’s like sea-waves. Your Boss might compliment you today, use you as an example for other staff-members to follow.

  • The Unknown

Tomorrow you’re summoned to his office. “Wow! Is this a raise or promotion! You’re thinking.

  • He offers you a seat

And calmly asks you: “Give me a reason not to fire you, on the spot?

Did you know that the mistake on this account, gives us clear grounds of termination?

You never know what tomorrow holds.

  • Similar in business

Some days are good and others, bad (that’s life). Having the wrong mindset determines success or failure. Work while you’re young and productive, to enjoy the benefits when you older and unproductive.

Or suffer the consequences.

  • Every Big Businesses, Starts with a single step

We weren’t born adults, we started as babies and developed as time went. If you take one-step today, you already started. And every proceeding step will lead you closer to making profit.


  • Where do I begin?

We’ll cover that later, let’s get the right mindset, to make a definite decision.


Our lives are built around the decisions we make. Brushing your teeth, choosing your friends and habits you adapt.

Or we live to consequences of making poor decisions.

  • Ideas are the smallest details…

Which the biggest plans are designed with. If you’re thinking of:” Getting Rich Quick” than you’re probably thinking of Scams. Packaging a legit product takes time.

Unless, you change your approach and consult someone who is more experienced.

  • A Clever way to succeed faster is

Get a good adviser. Seek consultation of people that are busy doing it, to avoid mistakes. More experienced or elder people’s advice is a wonderful way of considering the future.


  • There’re many possible futures

Look at anyone that you fancy or don’t admire. Imagine, what decisions did they make – to be where they at.

Whatever you decide now will result in your tomorrow.

Are you currently happy with your career?


2.You Current Situation

Drove you to the need of working from home. The drivers of your desire might be: Fear of retrenchment, low-income, debt or maybe retirement investments.


  • A Negative Situations Can Promote Action

Like showing up for your job, that you might hate. The fear missing payments on accounts, homelessness or poverty. Could be the motivation behind your attendance.





External factors- like the economic climate: Global job-loss predictions, food prices rising again or gas price increase.

More expenses and lesser income.


  • Traffic

Spending more time travelling or stuck in traffic. Working too far, there’s so many accidents these days.

No wonder, so many people shop online.


  • Crime-rate

Hijackings, car theft and drunk drivers. While walking, we exposed to so many dangers.


4.Drivers and Motives

As clarity sets in. We can now safely say- Behind every desire, lies a motive or driver.

Having the knowledge of the force behind a desire.

Helps us to use this energy in our favor, by:

  1. Deliberately- setting goals with the reasons behind it, as a motivation to energize action.
  2. To discover motives that stirs-up desires of certain products and services.
  • Measure the profitability of an idea.


  • The forces behind customer-buying-decisions.

A burning desire to solve a problem: enhance beauty, buy a car, upgrade your house or start an online business.

By knowing the need or pain, helps in many ways.


Why does it even matter?

Because you going to help them. Your product or service will be a solution.

When you can identify needs.

  • Your home business is 80% successful, already.
  • Your next step would be to take your product (solution) to them.
  • The sales are effortless, as you are fulfilling a need (that’s already there).
  • You busy helping not selling.



There’s a difference between advantages and benefits.

An Example is …
Work from home Advantages:


  • Saves gas-money
  • Reliefs from traffic-jams
  • Reduces your risk of accidents
  • Reduces your exposure to crime
  • More time with family
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Work at own pace
  • Earning High Income


  • Benefits:
Are the rewards you receive from the advantages:


  • Convenience- Of not being stuck in traffic or travelling.
  • Safety from crime
  • Protection from harsh weather conditions.
  • More time loved ones.
  • Financial Security
  • Relief from anxieties of job loss or ill-tempered managers.


Measure the risks; time vs money.

A Business-plan is the detailed-consideration of strengths and weakness.

It’s never written in stone. And improves as we learn further details, along the way.

Above we discussed benefits, consider this your mini-plan.

Every plan requires action. Like I said your attitude is important, so keep reading….


  • Remember, the benefits are your goal. You’re not there yet…

How do you get there? You want to reduce risking your time and money.

6.Reduce the possibility of  wasting your time or money.


  • Problem:

    What’s the worst that can happen…


  1. Working on an idea with unsure whether it will pan-out or not.
  2. Having a Wishy-Washy online business approach.
  3. Investing money in a unclear fantasy.


  • Solution:

    The Opposite…


  1. A realistic and tested plan
  2. Knowing there’s a market.
  3. And how to reach the market.
  4. Learning how to solve their problem.
  5. Seeing measurable results of your markets buying intentions
  6. Conviction that it will work
  7. Real proven results
  8. Something Measurable


We can only commit ourselves to beneficial relationships

We make connections with friends and spouses, only if we discovered value in them. Unfortunately, we can’t choose family.


There’s certain trait’s that define value.

First impressions last.

We attract people and are attracted to things that we relate to.

Trust is very powerful emotion

If we don’t relate to something, we lose interest.

Football lovers relate to people, places and products that relates to the subject.

We should be able to trust:

  • The Brand or Company that educates and coach us.
  • To be able to use their guidance to help our customers.
  • We want customers to trust us.


Trust can never be faked, it’s natural

How we conduct ourselves, determines whether we’ll be trusted or not.

When someone is transparent and do what they promise. It promotes trust and long-term relationships.


If someone marry you for money…

  1. Or your friends are only attracted to you, because you love spending cash on them.
  2. Ever had an experience where someone was interested in something you have (not you as a person)?


And it showed …

Consider the opposite

Ever had a buddy that was really interested in you?


Wish relationship was more valuable?

That’s the relationships you what with your customers.

If you only interested in their money and not them…it shows.

Yes, you make money and they know it but you honestly trying to get your solution to benefit them.


You are paying some to wash your car

  • But, you honestly see that his doing his best to give you top service.
  • His not giving you a poor service as if his doing you a favor.
  • His kind and helpful,
  • Goes the extra mile to please you.

You as the customer feels that he should have charged more

  • He gives you abstract benefits like respect and thank you for your business.

You feel the need to tip him over and above.

Would you recommend friends?


7.Plan to work from home then work your plan

  • It reduces: Risk, anxiety, fear and money.
  • Reassure yourself by following these steps:


  • Shadow a proven strategy.
  • Start free
  • Save money and time of creating a product
  • Use a powerful-medium
  • Learn while you earn from Experts


8.Action will be effortless

Would you go to work if you weren’t sure of a monthly salary?

Would you work on a plan if you’re not sure if it’s worth it?



  • Make sure you start on the right foot.
  • Act on a step-by-step plan.
  • Connect to a compatible and legit business-network.


Here’s actual results.

The program is a map to online success, follow-it.


  • Weirdly While Future Job-loss is predicted.


The Internet sales are predicted to sky-rocket.

This is a wonderful way to work from home and it starts now.

  • Every step leads closer to live the expected benefits.

The sense of knowing you’re working on a business that will soon take-off.

Is another benefit that reduces your fear and anxiety of poverty and job-loss.

  • Like an Advanced computer course

You don’t apply today, and expect to qualify tomorrow.


  • Imagine, two weeks from now

A month, two or three months later?

Would you thank yourself that you acted or regret it?


Let’s say you act, this very moment. Daily or weekly as you complete your step-by-step practical lessons.


How would you feel?


  • There’s many other ways to work from home and this is one of them.


Whatever you decide. I wish you success on your journey.

Thank you for reading.

 I hope this post helped !

Please leave your comments below.


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