How To Sell Goods Online

how to sell onlines

  • You will learn ways to earn money online and useful methods to sell goods online.
  • By advantages and benefits properly.
  • Using platforms like EBay and Amazon.


The article is dedicated to people who don’t own an online platform.

  • If you don’t own a website or have a strong social network.
  • You’re not an online authority or have influential friends to expand your marketing interest.
  • You’re shy to ask family members help and you want to launch everything alone.

This post will benefit you and boost your marketing venture to maximize sales.


There’s many online websites that can be used to sell goods or services online: EBay, Amazon, Fiverr, Craigslist, Gum-tree, etc.


I’m hoping to focus on Amazon but the same strategies can be used on other platforms.


Selling online is no different than off-line.


It’s just two different mediums but the same principals.


  1. Know your Product
  2. Know your customer
  3. Understand the platform



Why is product knowledge very important?

Every product was created for a specific market, to solve a problem.

  1. Example: Your cell phone has many features which gives you certain advantages and eventually benefits you.
  2. I’m using a handset as an example. Because, I take that it’s something that most us have and everyone can benefit from this lesson. Instead of using something less-common, like an eBook, etc.


There’s a difference between features-advantages-benefits.

  1. A feature: Your cell-phone is small, advantage: it can easily fit in your pocket, benefit: mobility-you can use it while travelling.


  1. Another feature: Internet, advantage: Connectivity, benefit: Convenience of internet connection while travelling.


In summary: Each feature gives us an advantage which lead to a benefit that we receive from the feature.

 Sometimes a single feature can give us several advantages which leads to many benefits.

An example is a phone that’s internet ready. Which is a single feature but we receive many advantages from the internet which leads to several benefits.

Some examples: Instant messaging, emails, videos-streaming, social networking.


I know there’s so many more but do you get the idea?

  • By knowing your product, you have the advantage to be more descriptive about the benefits.
  • You will be able to see which market it was intended for.
  • It will give you confidence when someone asks more questions with a buying intention.

Why’s knowing the customer important?

Assuming the device is a smart-business-model with 4G internet.

What type of customer will receive full benefits by the business applications?

A business owner or corporate employee.


He needs these features to make his day to day tasks easier.

It wouldn’t be beneficial for the customer that uses basic service like telephony, traditional SMS services and instant messaging only.

It wouldn’t hurt if they buy it. But I would like to target the right market for maximum sales.

Here’s the thing…

Most importantly, you want to help people solve their problem – then money will follow.

Targeting the wrong customers, will result in many other problems like disputes, returns, etc.

If a person purchases despite of having any need for the features but he is fully aware of the Pros and Cons it’s up to him. At least you did your part by being transparent.



Let’s assume we market to wrong customer and not describing the advantages and disadvantages in the correct manner.

Let’s say the phone have the following features: 8 Mega Pixel camera with several business applications.

Listing it exactly as the above can cause many problems namely:

  • It might not sell fast enough, if at all.
  • Wrong customer buy it and return it.
  • A customer with a strict data budget might be very upset because it’s a high-data-consumption application.

What’s the proper way?

  1. The better strategy is describing the advantages instead of the features.

E.g. High-speed internet and high quality camera.


  1. The best method is to list the advantages and explaining the benefits you receive from them.

E.g. Super-fast internet benefits- The convenience of uploading, downloading and sending of business documents more efficiently.

  • High quality camera with noise reduction abilities (meaning it adjusts to sunlight or dark places), very useful for photographers.


  • This will appeal to the correct customer.


  • Support the product to sell itself.



Why’s understanding the platform important?

  • Let’s use Amazon Online retail website.
  • The same would apply to any other platform like Gum-tree, EBay, Craigslist, Fiverr (ideal for selling personal services).

Here’s why: By knowing which medium you use helps you to connect more effectively with your customer.

And it’s manageable and it your success or failure can be measured. Meaning you can fix your mistakes and position yourself more efficiently.

As appose to testing to many platform all at once.

If you were selling off-line you would know who the product appeals to and find a way to reach you customer, in the most professional manner.

Say your ideal customer is a corporate employee.

You might explore avenues of reaching out to the receptionist to get information on how to market to internal staff, or set-up a meeting for that matter.

You wouldn’t just approach staff unexpectedly which might appear unprofessional.

  • Similarly, online, you want to select one of the most professional platforms.
  • The advantage is that they already have targeted-traffic, customers trust their brands and you receive the benefits of faster sales.

Step 1) Go to Amazon


Step 2) Register


Selecting the correct category is very important.

Most people get this part wrong and thus fail because of reaching target buyers.

Here’s how you do it.


Step 3) List under the correct Category

how to sell goods online


Step 4) And Sub Category

how to sell goods online


Step 5) Sometimes a product can fit in two categories,


Write the advantages and benefits

  • Amazon have an audience that already trust them
  • They receive millions of traffic daily.
  • Their customers look for products under specific categories that describes it best.
  • You are there at the right places with the right descriptions of benefits.

The customer buy’s and you make money. And we all live happily ever after.


If you interested in learning effective online sales networking strategies( for your website or making a living online), Click here !


In conclusion: The most successful online sales people are part of powerful networks and communities.


All comments are welcome below.








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