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Why I decided to go yearly on Wealthy Affiliate University Membership. Had a lot to do with me learning how to set realistic goals. Do I regret it?

(What Wealthy affiliate have done for me in 6 months)

Let me give you a bit of history which lead up to me choosing the yearly subscription. It’s quite personal and my situation might not be very different from yours. I believe it can save you from wasting your time and hard earned money.

How and when did my relationship started with the Wealthy Affiliate Program?

I was on free membership since 2014 and only went Premium January 2017.

This proves that a lot of thought was put in before I finally decided to take my goals more seriously for it to produce realistic results.

And part of my delay was that I could simple not afford yearly and feared taking the risk of monthly.


Is there a risk in going monthly?

It depends on your situation. Let’s use my subjective experiences at that time. Being the sole bread winner in a family of four, plus 3 siblings taking on more expenses was considered risky.

I worked as a data consultant and most month ends when people are happy for their salaries. I was broke already, depressed and under financial pressure.

I literally lived of credit.

My credit status was shocking…

And demotivated to change jobs or study as I simply couldn’t afford it.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth Your Money ?

Did Wealthy Affiliate University Change My Financial situation

This is the part where most scammers would say! I came across a program that change my condition overnight and I made thousands of dollars, right?

Can you imagine in my struggling times how many times I’ve been burnt?

That also contributed to my delays in signing up with Wealthy affiliate (one bitten, twice shy)

No Wealthy Affiliate didn’t give me push-button sales overnight…

Am I a millionaire yet?

Have I made money yet?

Why Did I go Yearly?

Am I happy with the progress I’ve made?


I’m not a millionaire yet but I’m confident that I’m working on a realistic business model.

No, I didn’t make money yet and here’s the reasons why?

I signed-up for yearly membership and didn’t take time to go through the training.

I had a lot of off-line responsibilities like my wife gave birth during February 2017, we moved into a bigger place and it was kind of hectic.

I only started my training somewhere in April 2017.

And yes I was busy lying to myself by doing a little bit of work and calling it quits for the day.(Lazy me)


The Year is almost approaching it’s end what have I learnt?

Now that I’m more settled, I have learnt the following:

The yearly memberships saved me time and money:

If I was on monthly I would’ve had the feeling that I’m wasting money and wouldn’t have committed to my goals and given up.

Monthly requires me to remember to pay my account and coming from a background like mine. I was going to use that as an excuse to give-up.

The yearly is like a one-way street and I’m forced to commit otherwise I lose time and money. I deliberately, set myself up for success.

Wealthy affiliate is effective because now that I’m serious about acting. I can literally see traffic results and quality comments from an audience (never happened to any of my free blogs).

Who’s to blame for not making money?

No-one because I have a long-term online business plan.

I could’ve went the mini-affiliate review website route that makes faster sales.

But I’m a long-term Authority guy and I’m so satisfied. There’s members that signed up with me and they made money within the first two weeks or few months.

But that doesn’t faze me, in fact I’m so happy for them because they’re proof to me that the training works.

Don’t ever compare your day 1 with someone else’s day 180.

We all come from different works of life, with different situations and experiences.

I might start with more knowledge than another person.

Or the other person is more committed than I am.

I might choose a long-term single project, while another will choose may small projects (diversify).

Not Everyone wants a BMW…

If we were given a million dollars, not all of us will buy the same car, house or choose the same suburb to live in.

Not everyone at Varsity study the same subject and not all the professions have the same study term appointed.

Do you get it

Something Unique I learnt at the Wealthy Affiliate university is…


Well, I learnt more than one thing but this one was unique to my personal mindset prior to starting.

The fact that we are so alike and yet so different. Is proof that you can be successful in any Niche (No matter How Competitive it is)


  1. Test it by doing this:
  2. Give three or more people a specific topic like extra online money for students.
  3. Use a topic that a group of people familiar with.
  4. Ask them to write information separately and individually about the same subject.
  5. You will notice that all of them have different perspectives and angles of the same topic.
  6. That’s why I would recommend you go as narrow as you can in any niche that you love.
I chose yearly because I knew it will save me a lot of stress…

There is a life beyond your business and sometimes it can pull you into another direction beyond your control.

That’s why writing your goals on paper helps you to return when the storm has calmed-down.


I had more money at that stage and knew out of experience that I might be more financially pressed, during the year when there is a lot of other expenditures.

I knew that one I invested this amount on myself I will be forced to be productive.

It made business sense to me and my personal situation.


I’m happy to say that I learnt some much and I’m glad my business already started and I’m soon going to see my challenging work pays off.


Small tips: Don’t be lazy like I was and expect everything to take care of itself. Luckily, I’m on yearly and had an opportunity to bounce back.

If you like more information, here’s my personal profile.


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