How to create a Clickbank affiliate website

Creating a Clickbank affiliate website that slowly replaces your salary is a good move. You’ve taken a “giant “step that could change your life for the better.

Your plan can easily fail if you don’t approach it the right way.

For instance, if you’re depending on generic traffic.

The best way to avoid stern competition, in a competitive niche is narrow-down.

The narrower you go, the easier it becomes to succeed.

Instead of targeting “hair loss” (a profitable and challenging niche), sub-target “hair loss for women,” or “hair loss for men.”


 This is described as “narrowing-down


A sub-niche of a big market can be highly rewarding, with unimaginable potential.

Next time when you find a challenging niche, narrow it down.  Become creative and flexible with it and see what comes out of it.


The advantages of creating an affiliate website and replacing your salary.

  • The effort of learning to build an affiliate website, might take months to figure out?
  • But, rewards will be worth your efforts, when you see money rolling in you bank-account.


  1. a) Are you looking to learn “online skills” as a long-term “retirement invest plan”, or a “part-time internet business venture”?
  2. b) Is it a low cost – side business start-up that you after?

c)A future “salary replacement plan in action”.

  1. d) There might be emotional benefits like substituting your “9-5 job dependency” or overcoming job-loss fears and anxieties.


Most people would swop months of practical- affiliate training, to gain control over their time and money.


You desire to succeed, becomes greater than you fear to fail


Even if it takes 6 to 8 months to reach that goal. Besides, business is a journey not a destiny. It motivates you, knowing that in due time you’ll be in a better situation.

And every-day, you’re taking a step closer.


The challenges of trial and error is a deal breaker!

Imagine the flimsy ground of “going into different directions” hoping to find something that sticks.

The vulnerability and anxiety of failing without knowing what happened.

A business should be measurable, make risks manageable.

You should be able to calculate your steps in such a manner, that you act with intent.

Be consistent in your approach


Use digital-marketing as an example:

If you’re randomly promoting your website (chaotically on several platforms).

What’s your chances of being successful, compared to someone that’s consistent on “one platform”?

Taking time to master and understand it properly, before heading to a new one.

Picture the impact of investing all your efforts in “Face book” till you grow as an authority and build a large audience.

Then afterwards, learning “Twitter”. After mastering both, remaining active, more efficiently because you know how to navigate them. Proceeding to a third and so on till you get to five.

And stick to it, as you don’t want to get to a point where it’s overwhelming.


The bonuses of such a strategy are manifold:

  • Firstly, it’s measurable because you have information to calculate the outcome.
  • Secondly, you can accurately detect what to improve on.
  • You will have a bigger network than someone that promotes occasionally.
  • You stand a greater chance of “going viral”.
  • You will gain authority faster than a someone who “promotes” in 10 different platforms, without mastering none.
  • You will also build momentum faster.


Creating a Clickbank affiliate website that slowly replaces will salary…

Is a process, with goals broken into small sub-goal. First learning to make your first $50, then growing it into $100 then $1000.

Since the quality of the plan is worth your salary, you might have to consider expert advice to get you there more efficiently.

If you want to build a proper house, you will need a professional plan.

Why would an advance online business be any different?

What’s your take on the value of the goal should measure-up the quality of the plan?

Please share your ideas on this discussion below.



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