How to build a website in a few seconds

how to build a website in a few seconds

The next step of affiliate marketing is building a website from where you will promote your services or affiliate products.

It’s so easy these days as there’s a lot of tools to make your tasks almost effortless.

Pssst :(If you’re in a hurry to get to the instructions. Quickly scroll to the bottom of this page, to speed up the process).

Anyone with no experience what-so-ever, can build a professional looking website in a few seconds by following

the following steps.

Ready? Let’s Go!



Step 1: Register a domain

Decide on a domain name and buy a domain for your website. An example is: My website name is:

Click Here !


Things to consider between free or paid.


  • Free are Long domain name which is easier to forget.And will have the site name (yourname- or added as the extension)
  • Negative appearance on credibility of your website from a customer’ s perspective.
  • Affects your website rank as Google will take a paid domain much more seriously.


You might want to start free depending on your goal and later upgrade to paid.


Niche domain name

Let’s assume your niche is wireless routers. If you’re looking to give a niche website name, you might select example: or .net.


It’s specific to your product and shows that you specialize in wireless routers only, which will make it difficult for you to sell a variety of assorted products.

Niche is a specific and targeted as appose to…


Brand-able domain names

Using the same niche example above. If you’re looking to brand your website, you might select example: or .net. It’s broad or you can get creative here.


It will make it easier to branch-out to a variety of wireless products, on a later stage. Like wireless head-phones, keyboards, speakers or micro-phones. Or you could even brand it on your name,


If you want to create some personal or company name authority, depending on your vision.

 Companies like eBay, Amazon and ClickBank are fitting examples of brand-able names.

It’s a general name and doesn’t have to be specific ( broad ).

Why is .com and .net so popular


For some reason, it seems to do very well with online customers. Like some international online language like English.

There’s many other secondary options like, org, blog, za, us, etc.


If you plan to localize your website a .us of your country would work best.

It helps online customers to see that you are a local brand.

If you’re servicing a local market, I suggest you use local domain (. or za )adds to your advantage.


I hope that helps with the website name, moving on…


Step 2: Get Web-hosting

See the domain name as signage of your shop and web-hosting as the actual building (the physical structure). Where you store your products, documents, pictures and information, for people to view it on your website.


Most people tend to over-think web-hosting and remain idle, don’t let that happen to you!

Most host will be good enough to start-off. And you can later re-consider your options as your website and audience grow.

Here’s a free web host that is built on a state of the art quality platform. Registering with them will avoid problems that you might encounter later, with competitors.


What to look for when you are choosing a web-host?


  • 99.9% Up-time is the minimum to accept you don’t want problems where your website isn’t loading when your audience visits.
  • Customer support, response time and options like live-chat (before paying).
  • Here’s a web-host that gives good support.
  • Your goal should be Storage space of about 5 GB


What does it Cost? You can get hosting for $5 or less for a single website or many sites for up to $10 shop around to get the best deals


Need more information on web-hosting and registering your domain name look at here.



Step 3: Set up WordPress To Build Your Site

WordPress is rated the most user-friendly for beginners and professionals.

It gets ranked fast by search engines and makes building a website less daunting even if you not a very tech savvy person.


It’s a software that you can install on your website, which makes it easier to change the way your website looks and adding content.

WordPress has very useful tools and a large supportive community to help you.


How do you install WordPress?

You do it in your control panel via your web-hosting company. Ask them if they support it, which is a clever way of testing their customer support team

Alternatively, free web-hosting here uses WordPress as a primary resource (plus you get two free websites).


There are two versions of WordPress


Free web-hosting

Strict Policies for placing ads and affiliate marketing and can be very stressful if you intending to build an online business.


Paid version

Which cost a monthly subscription and gives a lot more freedom to expand your marketing horizon.


I suggest you learn more about WordPress lessons, which cover all the details concerning their services.


If you get stuck you will find help here (Very supportive community for online businesses) or search the web for alternatives.


Here is a Step-by-Step Video to walk you through and give you an over the shoulder experience.

Build a website in a few seconds

Step 1)

Register here (name and email)

Step 2)

Choose a Domain name

(free or paid)


Step 3)

Choose a Template

(Think simple and user friendly for your visitor’s convenience)


Step 4)

Create Pages

(example: Start here, About, Products, contact us, etc.)


Step 5)

Create Categories

(example: Local Marketing, Keyword research, Web Design, etc.)


Please note: That the pages and categories will depend on your products and services.


Learn more about build a profitable affiliate website here.


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