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“A great example of creating a top affiliate websites …”

Measuring the quality of your Clickbank affiliate website


New internet marketers overlook the most important part of creating a successful Clickbank affiliate website. It’s disheartening to put in months of hard-work on another failing project.


Taking accurate measure of tiny details, positions you to flourish more effortlessly.

  • It helps you to choose products that’s bound to sell.
  • Market research complete 80% of your sales efforts.
  • It gives you confidence and supports organized action to…



Build a profitable affiliate website with intent

Why would anyone want to go through all this trouble?

If you consider the following benefits, you would see the light at the end-of the tunnel:

  • High earning potential
  • Complete flexibility
  • No office or staff required
  • No storage or delivery headaches
  • You don’t have to create a product or services
  • Low-investment margins, in fact it can be created on a “shoe-string budget”.


In fact, the benefits surpass the above. I’m just scratching the service to make my point.


The most important step is taking measurements

Market research, can never be under-estimated. This is one of the most vital steps and should be done properly.

  • It’s removes uncertain and that is the last thing you need.
  • You want to take well-calculated steps towards top affiliate sales.
  • You want to work with conviction and to make the proceeding steps a breeze.



How to measure your affiliate products



Knowing what to look for:



For instance, the product has an “Initial $ per sale” of $38.04, but an “Average $ per sale” of $85.49. This means that an affiliate will usually earn more than twice the initial commission amount!


  • Google research to measuring, what you’re up against.

Knowing what to do:

Like typing your keywords, for example: “Clickbank affiliate training”.

Calculating the strength of the #1 ranking site, digging deeper.

Investigating the quality of links of your competitors.

Knowing how to work around competition, there’re always loop-holes.

  • Keywords is even more crucial as it makes or breaks your site.

Knowing what type of keywords are the best “buying keywords”.

Using Advanced tools to get the best results.

Understanding the reasons for these tiny details.


  • How to create content that converts.

Are there faster ways to get quality content and make your job easier?

What type of content gets faster generic traffic?


  • There’re a lot of free ways to get instant traffic. Please avoid software’s, promising instant traffic, it is very harmful to your website.

You don’t want to burn-out by trying to build links on many platforms, as it can be draining.

Don’t get me wrong links are important but it shouldn’t become burdensome.


The point is there’re Supporting tools to make the task less painful.

For instance, do most of the above, like competition research, keyword tool and sub-niche data on one-platform.

The benefit of knowing how everything fits together. What and how to measure it, can help you to succeed faster.

As appose to someone that approach’s his/her online business goals with a “Wishful-thinking outlook”.

What’s your opinion of “blindly” working towards goals, please share!





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