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  • Overall Ranking: 60%/100%
  • Entry level Cost Price: Free, $67, $97,$197,$997
  • Owners: Mark Ling
  • Business start date: Since 2006
  • Website:
  • Login: Instant Access

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  1. Affilorama is an Affiliate training program for beginners and professionals. There’s several levels: free membership, Premium, Affilo theme, AffilobluePrint and AffiloJetpack.
  2. Every package falls under a different price category. And you don’t get access to everything once you go Premium.
  3. It’s legit, and valuable but this review is intended to help you decide whether it’s for you. I always prefer starting with the “Shocking News First” followed by “The Good News”. So, this review will show the package, highlight the problem of it and then the solution.
  4. Why? I simply believe nature operates that way, we first work hard and only afterwards receive the rewards. And it gets the “not so good” things out of the way for us to focus on the: “What’s right with the world “stuff.
  5. Every Business solves a problem that’s “Why” they exist!
  6. “This guy is a weirdo!”, thank you for your “kind words”.

Which brings us to…


Beginners, intermediate and advanced Affiliate Marketers. Looking to learn how to make money online, or build profitable websites.

1)The Problems with “Free Membership”:

Most new affiliate marketers are vulnerable and need a nursery type of support structure. Live support or where they can connect with a live-coach, beginners tend to get stuck and overthink some tiny details which delays the progress.

Affilorama uses a “forum” for support, which is a very slow process and could further in slow a newcomer down. Because it depends who is currently active on the forum. And seeing that the “members “are responsible to help each other, it is disheartening. Because everyone must focus on the businesses as well.

The Solutions:

Affilorama examples

Adjusting your mindset, and focus on keeping your momentum. Do the other tasks in the meantime while waiting for support.

Besides, they have other support features which answers everything in a detail.

Study the material all the answers are there, to get you going.

Here’s a breakdown of the features and benefits:

  • Access to 20 hours training videos (descriptive over the shoulder training experience).
  • Basics like niche website building, choosing a web-host, target markets, affiliate products, writing content, email marketing.
  • An introduction on how affiliate works and its setup.
  • Simplified to make any newcomer get motivated by finally understand how everything comes together.

2) The Problem with “Premium training”:

Some newcomers tend to think that this is the final “Package”. Just to find out, there’s many more levels above. And joining this level doesn’t give you access to all the other levels. Each have their own cost price, it could give you the feeling that this level is still not good enough.

People always tend to aim for “The Best “and might think this is still a lower grade training model.

The Solution:

The training is more in depth compared to the free model. You only need enough knowledge to make money online and this level gives you that. The above packages are “special need” products. More like outsourcing models for busy people. If you not too busy, to “write your own articles” or do “email marketing”. Simply ignore them and look at them when the need arises.

Besides this below, is all you need to establish your “Online Affiliate Business”:

  • Cost $67 monthly
  • 100 Advanced Videos
  • Premium Members Forum
  • Online Product Creation
  • Affiliate Blog Bootcamp training
  • Free hosting for 15 domains


3) The Problem with “Affilo Theme”:

It’s a bit too expensive for a theme or “squeeze page”. Unless it’s intended for “Already Establish Businesses”. Most customers tend to think “Premium “should give them access to this option by default.

The Solution:

I haven’t used the product. But it should provide way “more value” and that can be an excuse for the “Steep Price”. If this package has the potential to bring in ten times more than the cost price, than it is a valuable investment.

Especially for direct sales agents, estate agents, marketing, etc.

They would love these features if it “benefits” them as promised:

  • $97.00
  • Squeeze page useful for leads
  • Opt in templates
  • Affiliate link cloaking
  • Header creator and pop over generator


4) The “AffilobluePrint” Problem:

PR Articles is a big problem. Because it’s shared between many different affiliate websites. Which is a “Deal Breaker “as it puts your business in trouble before it even started. These types of content strategy are what “Google” is fighting against.

“Don’t copy content of other websites or buy PR Articles it’s a crime”.

The Solution:

If you don’t have the skills or time to write content. Use cheaper but legit options, like Fiverr as a solution. At least the article will be freshly written for you.

The other features beyond the “PR Articles” is beneficial and can make up for the “Steep Cost Price “if the training pays itself off and makes you much more on a “Steady Online Income “basis.

review affilorama


  • Cost: $197,00
  • Collection of hundreds on videos
  • Covering a wide range of practical information around creating a website
  • The content is the same as Premium PR Articles
  • Plus:A detailed video on how Mark Ling built his affiliate website from start to finish (step by step guide that you can follow).
  • You receive homework after each lesson


5)The Problem of (AffiloJetpack), ready-made package:

  • It limits your knowledge to being dependent on a system to get things done.
  • And could be a learning barrier for someone intending to understand online marketing.
  • Deprives you of the user experience of a learning new techniques, and working out difficulties and problems.


The Solutions:

Let’s face it, there’re some people that simply don’t have time, to build their own online business. But, they have the money and passion going for them.

It might be you after you in the following six months. If you start your “New Profitable Affiliate website today” and apply the knowledge from these “online experts”.

When we get to busy, we outsource or consider “business automation”. It might not be your need today, but circumstance can make it your future need. Who knows?

There’re a market for “automation as we speak”, we don’t have to destructively-criticize because you and I might not have that the need, just yet.

Here’s the “LETS US DO IT FOR YOU” features and benefits:

  • A Powerful system for building “money autopilot machines” claiming to earn you high income online.
  • The machine does 80% of the work and you do 20%.

It’s intended for the individual that doesn’t have much time to run his business manually.

Sort off, like a convenience package for busy people or automation lovers!

What I don’t like about Affilorama is:


Several training levels and varies pricing schemes

It’s not a one-stop-shop where Premium gives you access to all levels by default.

The Premium product is reasonable but the other prices are a bit too steep.


  • Too many upsells and cost prices for different packages can be expensive and confusing, for beginners or struggling affiliate marketers.

Unless you buy Premium and gain that valuable knowledge which will be enough to get you “earning steady online income”. Mark Ling is a very “Successful Affiliate Marketer” and a “Multi-Millionaire”.

  • PR Articles can damage your website rank. The content is shared between many website and isn’t the way to go. A one-size fits all content strategy.


A Better Approach: Would have been if they had skilled writers, to write unique content to help their community.

  • “Old and Outdated “Link building strategies.


I must admit though, the powerful, most updated and “Legit Instant Traffic Methods” they have free and paid, with their latest “Go Viral” makes up for their flaws.


  • Websites
  • Webhosting
  • PR Content
  • Videos
  • EBooks
  • Members forum
  • The support is through a forum which is a slow method if compared to a live-chat.
  • The members assist each other and this could be a delayed-process as it depends who is available or willing to help.
  • For beginners, it can be very stressful and demotivating.
  • Mark Ling isn’t active within the community, so forget about getting help from him directly.



My Final Verdict: I must admit “Mark Ling “is a smart guy, I can tell buy his superb affiliate marketing skills and I like the uncomplicated way they explain technical stuff, without using jargon at all.

Click Here: for more information on Affilorama!

I recommend the Premium training unless you can avoid the “PR Articles” and “Refrain from “Black Hat Link Building strategies”.
Which is possible, but if it’s still too much stress for you. I must the “Better Alternative” and “Cheaper” mind you are, Get more Information? Click here!


Please leave your comments on any experience with other products or this one below!


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  1. Thandava says:

    Hey there, I Really enjoyed the detailed review of Affilorama Affiliate Training program. You clearly mentioned tools and support provided by them and also mentioned the problems with the training along with the solutions. By the end of the article you stated the alternative program for Affilorama, that was really an amazing. Hope you will help more people with this kind of articles.

    Your Friend

  2. bec says:

    Hello. Thank you for telling me about this product, I had never heard of Mark Ling’s Affilorama before. As a person new to Affiliate Marketing, I really like the idea of Access to 20 hours training videos. I don’t like the idea of lots and lots of upsells though. Thanks for being so honest and through with me. I was just wondering what you #1 recommendation for an Affiliate Programme is?

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