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Fiverr Review

Product Name: Fiverr

Overall Ranking: 90/100

Cost Price: $5

Owners: Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman

Business start date:1 February 2010


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After joining Fiverr, you have the option of using it as a Seller, buyer, or both. This Fiverr-review is pointed at the buyer’s position, with descriptions of features, and benefits. Helping you discover the advantages of the “cost-effective online resource”.


It’s a market place online-shoppers, which is one-stop solution to all their digital-marketing problems.


(You can read the seller review here)

“Please note: This is an overview, highlighting the most popular points. I recommend you check them out, there are so much more that I might have excluded. The main point of this post is to help you get a “birds eye-view”, or summary”.



Anybody or business that are interested in creating their own digital-products, or looking to outsource some of their burdensome internet-marketing tasks, on a reduced cost price.

It’s also for people that are looking to sell their designer, writer, or any online business skills. Read more here!


Pros (The Good)


The Main Features of that attracts to buyers are:


  • Almost everything starts from as little as $5.
  • Secured payment platform
  • Professional services
  • Quality content writers
  • Content editing services
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Logo designers
  • Graphic designers
  • Video marketing
  • Ebook writers
  • Free registration
  • Email marketing services
  • Website marketing service
  • Link building services



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The Benefits are appealing and irresistible for improving your online-business pursuits…


The most outstanding advantages and benefits that sets it apart, and makes it so attractive are…

  • The rewards and offers of Fiverr:



The discounted prices, starting from as low as $5, which gives newcomer online marketers (that usually has a small-budget), the winning-opportunity to outsource services that they not skilled on or simply for the sake of convenience.


Advantages: It helps to continue your business-operations with ease, and peace of mind, that there are cheaper subcontracting-alternatives.

Without having to employ large numbers of staff, or spending massive-amounts of cash, on compulsory services.


Motive: Fiverr are there to reduce the pressure, risks, effort, and costs involved in online-business production. That might have cost you, thousands of dollars, burdensome-debt, that couldn’t otherwise be avoided.

Or stalling on projects that you’re not skilled on, or familiar with, which is one of the most “common hold-up to beginner online-marketers”.

You “reap many rewards” by joining the Fiverr to outsource projects that might have, hindered your progress.

Or that you simply don’t have enough time to do yourself.



  • The Pro’s below: Explains how the features benefits you, and enhances your well-being:


Benefit #1: Low-cost prices: You get save money on over-priced outsourcing companies, that might have cost you exhausting amounts of money, otherwise.

And you can actually be more productive, without being too extravagant, which reduces “financial risks” and slow-growth.

Instead of spending or borrowing large sums of money, that leaves you “stressed and depressed”. Or not having enough capital can hinder your success, amounting to no-action and ultimately failure.


Benefit #2: Professional services: Means that Fiverr handles and monitors the buying process from beginning to end.

Avoiding the buyer and the seller from being dishonest in one way or another.

Say for instance the seller doesn’t deliver within the stipulated time-frame as his/she had promised, the order is automatically cancelled and the customer is refunded.

Unless the customer extends the order, before it cancels. And this is only possible if the seller requests it, beforehand, and the customer agrees to it.

The customer pays when he/she places the order, which also protects the seller from getting cheated on payments.


Benefit#3: Secured online payment platform removes the fear of fraud, theft or getting swindled during the transaction-process. It also eliminates the vulnerability of exposing you credit-card details or personal information online.



Benefit #4: Live-chat support to save you time and helps with the order-process between the buyers and sellers.

It makes the transaction and communication processes runs smoothly, and it manager’s and enhances the well-being of both-parties.

Avoiding disputes, mistakes, it helps with giving instructions to the seller, and keeping in touch through-out the deal.


Benefit#5: All in one-platform: It’s a single solution that solves all you outsourcing problems.

Whether it’s: Content editing or creation, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social-media marketing, digital-product creation, video editing or creation, graphic-designing, etc. Everything you need to develop your business, are hosted on one-spot.

Saving you time and confusion, from having individual billing accounts with several companies. It’s much-safer and secured. It reduces the cost, stress, and energy of having to deal with too many companies (hosted separately), all at once.


Cons (The Bad)


  • Some writers have poor skills, you must sometimes dig to find the “quality-ones”.
  • You must make time to review the content, after delivery, to ensure that it’s good-quality.
  • Some sellers over promise and under deliver, for instance they might say 24 hours-delivery, then resort to asking for extensions. Which could delay your project, if you need it sooner.



Resolve this by reviewing your orders, and don’t be shy to request the relevant changes to be made. Say for instance, you see a “gig” of a writer offering a package of “six articles” for $25 and it shows delivery period of 24 hours, use common sense.

If it’s so soon, what will the quality be like? Unless it’s a company (there’re also companies that sells on Fiverr), they usually have high-volumes of staff, and as a result can offer excellent-packages in less time.



They’re not a “training program“, but a market place for buyers and sellers.




Yes, they have technical support and a safe and secured business support platform.



“Most Gigs” starts from: $5.00



I recommend Fiverr( login here), where else would you find these discounted deals.

If you’re a new blogger or online-marketer, that are looking to produce more content, or working on a limited budget, this is for your

Even experienced marketers can benefit by keeping their outsourcing cost low.

I use Fiverr, enjoy their service, and highly recommend them to anyone with full-conviction!

An alternatively option Click here!

If you need more information connect to my profile, for a quick chat or leave a comment below!


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