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How to Increase sales with you Clickbank affiliate website


Another “earning barrier” of new affiliate marketing students, are their unrealistic approach of making “money” with Clickbank. Part of the “most common traps” that beginners fall into. Can be avoided, in the earlier stages.


Being a Premium Member of one of the “Best Affiliate Training” programs. We familiar with these dead-ends, and help you, to stop them from damaging your success. That’s if you’re fortunate enough to join a coaching environment like us.

But, instead most newbies take a lonely-road, eventual fail and never look back…I created this post to reach-out to fail-bloggers that never made a penny online or newcomers that believe in “do-it-yourself “without professional help”.

Convinced that a “dare-devil” approach is better or hoping to climb “Mount Everest” without guidance from experts.


Anyway, this is “intended” to help you identify barriers that could be holding you back from making a “single dime online” ….


1.The desperation and money-anxiety trap-Problem:

Having a push-button sales or overnight millionaire, outlook is one of the biggest challenges of “amateur affiliate marketers”.


Many pirate-marketer’s preys on your weakness, by making false promises, with the cruel-intention of making a quick-dollar out of you!

They know that you’re vulnerable, and use it to further their evil-schemes.


Don’t get me wrong: “Starting a business that generates income while sleeping is possible but it takes time and action”.

But, if you throw-around words like:

  • I was indebted and stumbled upon a “XYZ”.
  • I hated my job and a good-friend introduced me to a “ABC”.

That’s when things “become too corny” on my watch…


Business is a process; the only difference is:


  • Affiliate marketing is more cost effective.
  • You don’t need a product, service, or storage.
  • Higher-earning potential if you do it properly.
  • It’s faster to setup and you can earn with a few weeks depending on your current skills and experience.


Learning affiliate skills is also a faster process as you have all the help on your fingertips.


But you must be will you work!

You don’t need much to get started…


  1. Basic computer skills
  2. Passion and determination
  3. A computer and fast internet access
  4. And a legit training program to set you up to speed



Online passive income is possible, but it takes time and money


Passive means “idle” or “stalling “which is the last thing you need if you a new start-up.

Like an investor that don’t participate in the general operations of a company.

One my watch, I worked the hardest in the beginning, because I had to learn affiliate marketing, while applying the knowledge.

Earning the skills and experience from ground zero, took three months. Remember there’re life beyond business, that also contributes to the time and effort, you put in.

Plus, small hick-ups – getting stuck on tiny but important stuff: Like “keyword research, content strategies, selecting the most suitable “WordPress theme”, etc.


I was fortunate I belonged to a “community of experts” that made it easier.

Before, I knew there was professional help.


 I almost gave up as the tasks got overwhelming and sometimes too technical for my taste…and it seemed like all the “guru” kept the good-stuff to themselves…


  • As time went by, I gained experience and most of the responsibilities, became much easier.



  • Effort and action are required, unless you outsource or automate some service.


You want to familiarize yourself, with your business. Before, you hand it over to a third-party. To avoid other risks, being able to tell if they’re not delivering, what they promised.


How else would you tell?


Unless, you are selling. But, since it’s new there aren’t any value, just yet.


If your gradually build it, to the hilt. And decide that you want to participate in another project. Use outsource as a solution to lighten your burden. And automation for stuff like auto responders, but stay away from software for traffic and content.


Affiliate Knowledge is important.

How else, would you know that something’s on the verge of failing?

Understanding your business helps you to prevent errors, from costing you time and money.




The Key is to “Adjust your outlook to common sense”.


A Clickbank or any other affiliate website have less risks than a traditional business.


But, don’t build your dreams on “trial and errors”, if you can make well calculated-decisions.

It’s too risky to go at it alone…


Take notice: You want to reduce your risk of failing!


Most websites give wrong advice like: “Randomly promote till you see something sticks, then stick to what works best

I’d rather focus on one “promotion strategy” at a time. Like taking time to learn Face Book, consistence will pay-off better, after mastering it.

Confusion is the last thing I need!

Choose a secondary, do the same and target to reach 5 platforms at least.

Then stick to those 5-platforms, and build momentum and authority.


Promoting on one for life, is too risky but too many can get overwhelming, Keep a moderate balance between the two extremes…


Diversify, but keep within range.


The solution is to “Adapt a practical-mindset”.


If you started a brick and mortar business or study some high qualification course.


You know it takes months or years to finish your studies, after that you only starting a career.


Your mind relates to reality. Irrespective, of the long-process, you commit without giving up along the way.


You visualise the benefits, so the struggles in between don’t really matter.

No matter what comes your way you stay strong. because you know that one day, you’ll reach that point!

Why would you expect instant online success? Isn’t it childish?


Successful affiliate Income can surpass off-line businesses and high-paid jobs.


In fact, most traditional businesses are forced to get an online presence.

Or else their businesses might experience future-failure, customers are evolving fast to the internet-medium.


Changes your perspective…

See your online business as a journey, not a destiny. Always take one step daily, to get you closer to “high earnings”.

Thank you for stopping by, please share your challenges or solutions, below.


We would like to hear them…



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