5 Things you should know about SEO and Your Website

5 things you should know about SEO

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important to the ranking of your posts on your website. You want to give each article maximum exposure to “eyes”….

Or readership. Your target a specific keyword and wright with the intention to get your page visible when someone search for the keyword or term.


Most people overthink this part as the selection of keywords determines the failure or success of your website. But there is a fine-line between

writing for search engines instead of people. You don’t want to sound too robotic in your article.

Hence, I prefer selecting the keyword that I want to rank for. I include it once or twice depending on the length of the discussion.

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Here is 5 Things you should know about SEO and your website:


1: What’s your main topic?

You should stay true to the niche “general topic “of your website. An example is if you have a product like “rat repellent products”.

It makes sense choosing a topic around “rat problems: rat bacterial diseases, pest control and how to protect your property from these pests”. People that have problems with pests will search for these keywords and your sit will rank in these terms.


Which make it easier to promote your affiliate products (as solutions). Each article,will target some specific keywords like “rat repellents”.

Your goal is to rank every article ,targeting a specific keyword or phrase.


Each post, have a main point that you want to bring across.


2: Which Category will it go in?
  • Your website has varies categories example: Different rat species, rat prevention, health cautions, etc.
  • Organizing your website and making it user friendly for visitors improves your rank.
  • Google always aim to give visitors the best online experience (your website contributes to it). Your focus should be to help people. Make it easy for them to find their way around.
  • Keep it simple and user friendly.


3: Simple and Easy to Load Theme

When you create a website, you get to choose a design. Some are very complex designs and difficult to navigate.While other simpler designs are more user friendly.

Speaking of complicated, mind you, other takes longer to load.


Look,we living in busier times than ever. Regardless that we have technology to make life easier yet we have less time to waste.

Help your visitors to save time. When I go to a website and it takes more than 10 seconds to load, I’m gone.


For some reason Google also measures your website loading time and rank you or penalizes you accordingly.


Choose a simple Theme. (Some websites are very complicated and difficult to navigate).Be a solution not a problem.


4: What SEO you want to rank for?

  • This is the main point of writing, isn’t it? Wrong. Always keep the audience in mind and wright to help.
  • Yes, I agree ranking for the right keywords is important but. But please do yourself a favor by adding value.
  • Targeting the wrong audience with wrong keywords selection can be disheartening.
  • Choose a keywords with high search volumes and low competition, learn more here.
I’ve seen website that rank high with crappy content and thought what’s the point.

Then I stumbled upon websites one way or another that doesn’t rank high.With helpful and valuable content.

They win dedicated users every-time.Their content is useful and gets shared which makes it enjoy traffic on another level.

Which brings us to the following point…


5: Is there any customer interaction on your pages?

This confirms if readers find your work valuable. I know some people are introverts and might not leave comments even if they enjoyed an article. But here’s the thing, Google uses this to measure your worth.

Besides, it shouldn’t be a train-smash if you put in real work to help your audience.

You might not have interactions at first but after a few months your skills will improve and it will show.


Writing viral content or knowing how to affect your audience emotionally. Blogging networks is a good way to get fast feedback on your articles from a reader’s perspective.

The problem with starting on your own without a community is you might never know what you are doing wrong.

Thus, belonging to a network helps you to get all the help to speed up your success.

Besides, business is about networking and here’s a fitting example of like-minded online entrepreneurs.


SEO is big and I only scratched the surface. Are there any points that I missed-out?

Please share your thoughts.

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