2 Most Dangerous Traps that newcomer Affiliate Marketers need to AVOID!


Two of the Most Dangerous Traps That haunts New Affiliate Marketers,can be AVOIDED…

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New affiliate marketers


There’s common traps that new affiliate fall into. Which can be avoided, in the earlier stages. Being aware of them, can help you to prevent them from damaging your business.

There’s common traps that new affiliate fall into. Which can be avoided, in the earlier stages. Being aware of them, can help you to prevent them from damaging your business.

1st Trap:” Making Online Money”

Starting online business with the goal of “Extra income”, or “Residual income”, or “Replacing your salaries”, etc. doesn’t hurt anyone.

But, approaching it with the wrong mindset, can lead to many other difficulties.

Beginners are most likely to lured in, unless they spot it in the initial stages.

Problem: Driven by anxiety and a money- hungry attitude. Being hasty to earn income by the first week or month. But, lacking the skills and knowledge.

The desperate and unrealistic attitude, leads to looking for forced-methods.

  • Like creating low-budget content.
  • You burn-out faster because as soon as you see that your website, is like a drop to the ocean.
  • Leads to attempts “to take dishonest shortcuts”.

Outcome – “No Cash” ; “No Online Business”  and you quit.

Solution: Assume you have a financial situation and need a $2000 as soon as possible. And this is your motive for exploring online “extra income” options.

(An applicable scenario which makes a lot of people anxious and restless).

Think of it this way:

  • You started a project that will eventually make a difference (Even if it takes 3 to 6 months or more). And it has the potential to surpass “The Amount”, by far and steadily.
  • If you remain idle nothing will change. But, you’re in the process of learning “how to earn lots of money online” (give yourself a tap on the back). It’s something to look forward to.
  • If you mess this up you are wasting more time then helping yourself. Be patient and persevere the honest way.
  • Use that pressure to encourage you by being the reason to succeed.
  • The Most Crucial Point: You’re learning “Powerful skills” that will benefit you for many more years to come. It’s relief from the “traditional mindset” of Job dependency. It’s an asset.

Final words: You are in the process of acquiring skills to service any online market with intent and “Becoming a high Earner”. Imagine once you reach that level, of finally knowing how to penetrate any “profitable online opportunity”?

Isn’t it, Amazing?


(This is basic tips to encourage positive mindset. But, the best way to get all the online tools and expert help. And coaching to earn in less time, I recommend you join these guys its’s free. The have a reputation for creating online success stories).


2nd Trap (problem): “Over -Analysis” The Trap:

New affiliate marketers

It’s easy to doubt your decisions as a beginner and remain idle on certain parts of building a website.

You might get confused with the keywords process, or choosing a domain name that best suits your interest. Remaining in the researching and examining stage, that last for weeks and causes you to slow your pace.

It becomes overwhelming and you get stressed-out and Folded-up, in self defeat.

The Key (Solution): Upholding your consistency, matters more than perfecting in every aspect.

Imagine your first undertaking as a “try-out” affiliate website, and don’t expect yourself to be faultless in the beginner phases.


Finding yourself puzzled on anything or delaying on a challenging part, find the solution and keep pressing-forward. In most cases it’s something unimportant that holds us back.

There’s a lot of free resources at your fingertips.

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  1. Sarim says:

    Hello Hassim,

    I completely agree, there are tons of scams out there when someone searches for a legitimate option. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a place for all without any hidden or up sell. And yeah, the training and support is tremendous.

    Thanks for sharing the information.

  2. Terry says:


    Good information… wow there are so many lies and scams to steal your money. This blog will help to open some eyes and not fall into those traps so easily. Thanks for the Blog~

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