11 Reasons Why Affiliate websites fail avoid drawback’s And Get $ 5000 monthly !



11 Reasons Why Affiliate websites fail avoid these drawback’s And Get $ 5000 monthly

11 Reasons Why Affiliate websites fail avoid these drawback’s And Get $ 5000 monthly

  • Getting Stuck on tiny details

This obstacle is very common in new affiliate marketers. Prevents growth and if not avoided results in failure.

An example of $10000 here 


Delaying projects on minute details. For instance, deciding on a niche, domain name, keyword research and topics to write.

Comparable to your first day at Primary School. The fear and confusion of expressing yourself.

So here you are, stuck and unsure. Time ticks away and you remain idle. Eventually, you tap-out.



Take your first website as a learning curb. Every business starts somewhere. Act no matter how messy it gets. That’s the factory of creativity.

Your main goal is to actively persevere.

With failure comes experience.

Like, your first bicycle riding experience, was it perfect? But you carried-on, never gave-up. ‘Till you were self-assured.

 Improve with persistence.


When you get stuck, try to find a way around. Carry-on with what you can, research a solution.

Just don’t stall.

Here’s a free resource of Online Business Experts, ask any question.

They’re a very helpful and dedicated team.


  • Unrealistic planning

It makes sense to working from home, to cut start-up cost. Vaguely, planning it in your head.

Makes everything seems, promising. Until the discomforts strike.


Distractions that causes set-backs. Interruptions of your spouse or kids. Annoying requests and small-chores, here and there.

The opposite is another challenge.

Operations mid-nights or alone gets lonely. Unless you’re earning already (Money motivates).

It’s difficult when you’re still a beginner.


And amounts to put-out work till later, that never comes (avoiding that weirdo feeling).


Being aware of your home situation, daily activities, pans and pots.

Plan a smart schedule that best suits you.


Discuss it with family members (avoiding interference).

Best times in some cases might be when all’s asleep.

Join a (24/7) buzzing live-network. Live interface, global members. Like-minded, always busy online.

The inspiration and motivation you need.

It takes out the strangeness, in the dead-still nights.

Removes- The stress of getting stuck, as help is at your finger-tips.


  • Comparing day 1 with day 100

Having a vision is awesome. But, comparing yourself with experts.

Seriously, give yourself break.


There’s many successful websites displaying their confidence and success.

Showing monthly income reports, writing viral or sticky content.

At some stage they were like you, confused and vulnerable.

Comparing your humble beginnings to their months and years’ experiences, can kill you spirit.


View their success as possibilities and use it as inspiration. Don’t bog yourself down on not standing a chance.

You’re still learning. Every day is another step closer.

Pretty soon, you’ll be able run.

It’s a process.

  • Poor time management

Wasting time on unimportant things, is another setback that can hinder you.


Chatting or reading emails, sounds familiar?

Phone buzzing with messages, reading other stuff during scheduled times.

There’s only 24 hours in a day. Look again, the day is gone, with nothing to show.


Rather set 1-2 hours a day or 3 hours per day for 5 days. Use times that is achievable but really be productive.

Don’t be Unrealistic but reasonable

(10 Hours daily of 7 days per week can be very difficult to achieve).


Cut-out all other distractions.

Be sensible and not too ambitious.


  • Chasing glitter and glam

Finding any new product on the block attractive and tempting.


Joining too many online business courses. Teaching the same thing.

Diversifying on the stock exchange is one thing.

But, is a barrier to learning. It only, causes confusion or results in unfinished projects.


Three or more friends invites you to separate occasions on the same date. All the outings seem enticing and you accept all.

How confused would you really be?

Eventually you’re not pitching for any.

Not very wise, huh?


Solution: Commit to one and till the end. You’re one person and only need one way to make money online.

There’s many genuine sources, but stay true to one. And get the full benefit than move on to another.


The time spent running-around in all directions. Can be used cleverly, to complete the training faster.


  • Passive income syndrome

Earning income is never in-active. How will you get things done or new customers if you’re remain idle?

Vacations are nice for passive-lovers

That’s why most ventures go on holiday and never return.



Newcomers are sold on passive-income. As a result, they have a set and forget approach, to soon.

Months later, no sales. Disappointment kicks-in, and they’re gone.


Use common sense. Everything worthwhile demands effort. Compare your online business to any off-line undertaking.

  • You actively; manufacture, market, sell and count.
  • Once, established, outsource or automate some duties.


The difference online:


  • Lower-start-up cost and higher income potential.
  • You can reach a global market without lifting a foot.


  • Unrealistic Outlooks

There’re many parts to setting-up a website. Learning about it is one thing, doing it is another.


Learning keywords or content strategies is one thing.

Apply the knowledge is another. Some articles fail face-first, still trying to find your feet.

Generic traffic and link building takes time. Our patience is tested.

Losing interest is the next best thing



Suppose you go to a College. And learn computer-networking. You’re realistic that you must learn first.

After 12 months or duration period, you can apply for jobs.


Use the same approach here.


Lose the; plug-and-play view to your business.


Work with the end in mind…


Once the money starts rolling in your account.

Use it as Motivation.


  • Fear Greater than Desire to succeed

Worry of failing without trying.

Lacking esteem on a new path is common. Negative self-talk: “Success is only for Experts and Gurus!”


Being an introvert or not having online experience causes some new affiliate markets to never attempt.


Skilled workers aren’t born that way. They learnt like everyone else.

Your desire to become an Expert, should be greater than you fear to fail.


The benefit of becoming more skilled in your niche.

Imagine the possibility of making enormous amounts income-online. And having conviction in every detail.

Let the vision be your inspiration to act.


  • Overnight Riches


The childish easy to fool mindset, that leads to trying to game the system. Traffic-software and fast sales loop-holes.



Pirate marketers, making false or dishonest claims to get you ranked fast, or money machine software.


Harmful to websites and ultimately violates Google Policy which destroys your business.



Stay away from dirty-tricks and stick to the legit way. If you’re promised something that claims quick or overnight traffic or income, ignore it.


It will destroy your business and some people never return to start again.


  • The more the merrier

The more websites, the more money.


Setting up too many websites as a beginner. Amounts into difficulty of giving each the desired skill and attention.

The demand of each is too great and they all fall-down


Build one website, give it the attention it needs.

Learn the ins and outs.

Make $5000 monthly with a little help !

Once you confident about your first. Only then move on.

Would you get benefit from, opening a new book read the first chapter and choose the another?

It would be a challenge to even explain the content of one.

Thank you for reading, I hope it helped.

Please comment below.


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